COVID -19 Testing

There are currently two main approved COVID-19 tests in South Africa, the PCR swab test and the antibody blood test.

We are pleased to offer you both tests.

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab is used to detect coronavirus from a nose or throat swab. We advise individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to make use of this test for diagnosis as the test only detects the virus while the person is currently infected.

The antibody blood test looks for the specific antibodies which would show if you have been infected by the coronavirus in the past (not used for clinical diagnosis of current infection).

What is the difference?PCR swab testAntibody Blood test
Biggest differenceEarly detection of infection and most accurate,
Used for diagnosis of COVID-19
Speedy test results but not as sensitive as the swab test for detecting early infection
How it works?Detects the presence of the genetic material of the virus (Diagnosis)Measuring our body's reaction (IgM,IgG) to the virus (Detecting antibodies)
What sample is taken?Nose or throatBlood sample
Turnaround time for results3-5 working days24 hours
When should I get tested?When you experience COVID-19 symptomsIf you had COVID-19 or suspect you may have recovered.
Where can I get tested?HSP Sunnyridge Clinic open air testing station Sunnyridge.
On-site at your premises; or
At any of HSP's national network partners
At any of HSP's clinics; ;
On-site at your premises; or
At any of HSP's national network partners