COVID-19 Outbreak Response Team

From COVID-19 positive panic to clear and compliant within 48 hours or less –  we have the COVID-19 workplace solutions to assist you!

With over 25 years of Occupational Health medical professional experience, HSP has developed a one-stop-shop of COVID-19 workplace solutions to assist your company in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, all managed by our highly qualified COVID Outbreak Response Team.

We are uniquely positioned to be able to assist with a fully qualified and experienced team to take your business from  COVID-19 positive to re-opened in 48 hours with onsite COVID screening results for all staff or shorter. (COVID results released within 3-5 working days from test)


Our COVID-19 workplace solutions include:

  1. Site audit and workplace strategy in compliance with Dept. of Labour and Employment as well as Dept. of Health regulations
  2. Gap analysis and recommendations
  3. Risk and Health risk assessment, per job task
  4. PPE matrix
  5. PPE Products
  6. Training conducted by highly trained Nurses
  7. Safety signage audit and installation, aligned with PPE matrix
  8. Site disinfection with CDC verified fogger products
  9. Pre-Entry Screening Management System
  10. COVID-19 Laboratory PCR Testing (on-site or at our premises)
  11. COVID-19 Antibody testing (on-site or at our premises)
  12. Vulnerable Employee Medicals

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