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Workplace Skin Surveillance

 HSP Group SA offers Occupational Health skin checks. As with all HSP’s other  Medical Surveillance and Medical Screening services, our skin checking service  is very convenient, simple to engage and causes minimal disruption with the [...]

Workplace Skin Surveillance2023-01-12T14:24:47+02:00

Spirometry Testing (Lung-function test) in the workplace

  HSP Group Occupational Health offers on-site Spirometry testing or, as it is more often called, lung-function testing service. As with all HSP’s other Medical Surveillance services, our Spirometry tests are very convenient, simple to [...]

Spirometry Testing (Lung-function test) in the workplace2023-01-12T14:24:48+02:00

What is Biological Monitoring?

Definition according to The Occupational Health and Safety Act no. 85 of 1993: “Biological Monitoring means a planned programme of periodic collection and analysis of body fluid, tissues, etc. or exhaled air in order to [...]

What is Biological Monitoring?2023-01-12T14:24:48+02:00
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