COVID-19 Workplace Strategy

HSP Group has compiled a COVID-19 Workplace Strategy, in order to assist your company to comply with government regulations, pass potential audits by the department of Employment and Labour, but mostly to ensure a safe environment for your employees. We are also able to conduct a review of your current strategy and perform a gap analysis to make recommendations where any shortfalls are identified.



The goal: Avoid being identified as a COVID-19 Hotspot.

Let us help you:

  • Pro-actively protect your staff , customers, visitors and products in these unprecedented times.
  • Comply with legislative requirements regarding COVID -19 exposure in the workplace
  • Comply with WHO, NICD and CDC recommendations
  • To exceed the basic legal requirements, focusing on Best Practice

What you get includes, but is not limited to:

1.Management training, so it all makes sense to the leadership

2.On site walk about in order to identify high risk areas and COVID-19 signage zones and restrictions

3.Copies of relevant legislation

4.Template for company policy (you modify)

5.Protocol for pre-entry screening

6.Letters of appointment of HSP Group SA as your Occupational Health Practitioners

7.Risk and Health risk assessment with:

      A. Risk profile per job (as per DEL COVID-19 requirements)

      B. PPE Matix

      C.Training Matrix

8.Training conducted by highly trained Nurses

9.Demarcation of COVID-19 zones, with our uniquely designed signs

10.Pre-entry screening training, documents, refer out process etc.

11. FREE access to our pre-screening management system until 31 December 2020.

12.All forms needed to comply.

13.Our medical team is on standby for referrals or to come on site for Primary Health Care needs, emergency consultations, etc. on a fee for service basis.

14.Ongoing telephonic consultation and guidance from our professional team of nurses, doctors and virologist and more.

As soon as these become available we will offer:

  • COVID-19 Immunisation rollout onsite
  • Antibody testing
  • Vigilance for any new threats, and swift action to put your company ahead of the competition