No forms, no papers, no pens, no exposure.

In an effort to stand together in the fight against COVID-19 HSP Group has made our COVID-19 pre-screening and record keeping tool available for free.

This online system will allow you to:

  • Eradicate cross contamination at your sign in desk, no pen and paper, no touch
  • Capture and store the COVID-19 screening data for employees and visitors
  • Store all data in the HSP Group, cloud based, patient management system for 6 months
  • Link your employee COVID-19 screening results directly to their patient history on our system (for existing clients)
  • Allow for printing of results summaries and future access to screening results

Sample view of the pre-screening form you would use on the system:

The threat of COVID-19 in the workplace is one that is creating sleepless nights for any business owner. As we all courageously navigate these uncharted waters it is important to remember that there is no need to do it alone.

The first way to minimise the spread of this virus and to keep your company safe, is to minimise areas of cross contamination, small, routine and seemingly insignificant actions are the most dangerous.
Signing a form could be signing your health away!


Once you have registered the process is easy;

  • Your screener needs to identify the person being screened, capture ID Numbers and Names.
  • Ask the relevant screening questions, these are pre-loaded on the system for ease of use.
  • Use an infrared thermometer to screen temperature, and then capture the information.

Just one more HSP Group solution to keep your site safe!