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About us

HSP Group SA aims to offer effective, relevant, compliant and good quality Occupational Health to related professional services throughout industry.

In 1995, Mandy Steyn saw a need developing across corporates and industries for effective Primary Health Care and Occupational Health Services, thus Health and Safety Professionals was born. In 2013 it was re-registered as a (Pty) LTD and thus became HSP Group SA (Pty) LTD.

Along with her specialised, passionate team,  their many years in the industry brings a level of experience and expertise to finding compliant solutions for their clients – be it personal or corporate, primary or occupational health care.

The service levels offered by HSP Group are largely owing to the management team providing a large part of the consultancy services themselves. This hands-on approach allows HSP Group to deliver the highest quality service, as well as ensuring our clients get the best possible advice with management accountability.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our excellent reputation in industry.

Working through us to achieve their ends, our clients have found that HSP Group has earned a large degree of recognition with all the leading auditors and contract managers. This favorable notice allows us to get medical clearances clients would otherwise be unlikely to enjoy. Furthermore, we operate independently and are not affiliated to any particular hospital group, insurance company or other service provider. This ensures that our advice is objective and that our fee structure is competitive and can be structured to suit individual clients and risk. We have a reputation for efficiency and integrity that we take very seriously.

About us


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