On-site medicals

With our occupational health mobile network of fully equipped, professionally run medical clinics, we offer a unique service to companies and individuals seeking work related occupational health medical solutions.

mobile medicals

Having efficient systems in place is integral to business sustainability.Medical Surveillance is mandatory, and having it done causes a business interruption due to the impact on production, lost man-hours and travel costs.

For these reasons HSP Group offers a mobile occupational health service with a dedicated medical team to come to your premises and conduct your company medical surveillance, without causing unnecessary disruption to your workflow.

The Project team members are fully trained, qualified and registered with the various Professional BodiesĀ and have the experience to ensure the smooth and successful execution of your on-site medical surveillance drive.

All equipment used, is calibrated according to the legislative requirements, and are bound to scheduled services.

Benefits of doing on-site medicals.

  • The medicals can be planned at a time that best suits the company production schedule
  • The different shifts can easily be accommodated
  • Decreased negative impact on production
  • Increased productivity by minimizing down time
  • The medical surveillance of the entire staff compliment can be completed at the same time
  • No lost time for travel off site

Our competitors offer screening, but seldom a solution to negative outcomes. Our facilities are able to offer a one stop screening and referral centre.
Our mobile units allow us to offer all services at your place or ours.