National medicals

Take advantage of our national footprint. Enjoy a first class, ethical and compliant medical partnership anywhere in South Africa.

HSP Group have a passion for occupational health, Employee Wellness and Travel Medicine, a passion that you have come to know and expect in all your dealings with HSP Group.

We know that you enjoy our first class, ethical and compliant medical screenings at each of our Gauteng based referral clinics, but did you know that we can provide this service nationally too?
We have audited and partnered with national suppliers ensuring the highest possible occupational health compliance, throughout South Africa, ensuring that we continue to be the best national occupational health supplier for you.

Benefits of being a national customer:

Single point of contact for centralised bookings

Uniform HSP Group medical certificate of fitness for all your employees

Fully audited partners meeting our extremely high standards enusing you are fully compliant

Flexible timing and scheduling of medical appointments

Monthly executive summary reports

Accurate up to date patient information available at any time

All patient histories securley saved in the cloud on our patient management system.

For more information or if you want to become part of our national network, contact us on 0861 873 477 or email