Hearing test

Hearing tests are designed to identify the hearing ability of an employee before, during or after employment in order to establish their efficiency for work or damage resulting from their job.

Why conduct hearing tests?

Conducting hearing tests on employees (specifically for those employees exposed to noise at work) assures that you are compliant with the statutory Health Screening requirements as laid down by the Occupational Health and Safety Act No 85 of 1993 , as well as Instruction 171 of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act No 130 0f 1993.

We offer:

  1. On-site testing to reduce loss of production .Our technicians and practitioners will work through the hearing tests on exposed staff in whatever order or timetable suits production and the client schedules to ensure maximum productivity of staff. A professional summary report will be presented to management within 2 weeks of testing being completed, for your records.
  2. Testing at one of our Occupational Health Referral Centres
  3. Ear syringing is also offered at our clinics with FREE Sweet oil offered.
  4. Customised Hearing Protection

When are hearing tests mandated?

Employees that need to undergo audio testing, need to be 16 hours noise free before the test is conducted.

How long does this take?

The process typically takes 15-20 minutes per person.

Diagnostic Audiometric Testing

Why should a diagnostic audiogram be conducted?
In cases where Percentage Hearing Loss (PHL) is 10% or more, we have our own in-house Audiologist, who specialises in Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims with the compensation commissioner and to give employees hearing aids, when indicated.

When should a diagnostic audiogram take place?

Appointments are usually made at one of our Occupational Health Referral Clinics offering diagnostic audios.

This is usually conducted on a Monday morning as the regulations require a longer period of no noise exposure than for normal screening tests.

We do consult for clients who have not been screened by us, we are happy to continue with the necessary follow-up on behalf of in house Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners as well as outsourced Occupational Health Service providers.

Not all hearing tests are created equal

According to current legislation all audiometric screening must be done in a calibrated, audiometric booth.

All audiometric screening is performed in accordance with the NIHL Regulations and in accordance with SANS 0083:2012 and SANS 8253:1

We do offer our customers the option of KUDUwave testing.

Customised Hearing Protection

We offer customised hearing protection for individuals working in noise areas. 

An impression of you ear will be taken and couriered for specialised protection units to be made to fit your ear comfortably. 

The hearing protection comes with a bag and clip to pin your hearing protection to your jacket while working.

You will also receive training on how to care for you newly fitted PPE. 

For more details contact us on 072 584 7159 or email info@hspgroup.co.za

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