First aid kits

HSP Group assist companies in all industries to allign their first aid kits with regulation by offering site visits and inspections of first aid kits.

First aid kits available:

Regulation 7 Factory kit in metal first aid box (also available in plastic box and nylon bag)

Regulation 7 Office kit (also available in plastic box and nylon bag)

Standard Sport Kit (league and school) (supplied in nylon bag)

Domestic Motorist Kit in Nylon bag (refill also available)

 Regulation 7 spill/Fluid refill kit supplied in PVC Bag

Restuarant/Lodge kit supplied in red Nylon bag

Other products available:



Examination couches

Emergency and fire blankets

Safety signs


CPR Dolls


To book an on-site first aid kit check send us an email at or call 072 584 7159

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