Mind Matters (Employee Counselling Solutions)

Our counselling solutions are currently available in (but not limited to) Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal and includes the following services:

24/7 Telephonic Counselling

Employee access to our 24/7 Counselling Contact Centre for telephonic counselling assistance

Telephonic counselling assistance provided by our highly qualified and experienced registered nurses and counsellors on challenges including:

    • physical health and medical enquiries (including COVID-19);
    • mental health;
    • addiction and substance abuse;
    • trauma;
    • death and bereavement;
    • crime;
    • domestic and social problems;
    • personal finances with referral to a financial planner, if required;
    • legal guidance with referral to an attorney, if required; and
    • workplace related concerns.
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Face to face counselling

Face to face counselling options (on-site, off site or via Skype or Zoom) 

Trauma Debriefing

Trauma debriefing counselling (individual or group sessions)

Trauma debriefing assists employees in dealing with the physical or psychological symptoms that are associated with trauma exposure.
HSP Group can offer prompt and professional individual and group trauma debriefing and counselling services to employees exposed to incidents of trauma. (We recommend a maximum of 8 people in a group session).

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Management Counselling

Management consultation and referrals

We can provide dedicated counselling solutions for supervisors and managers to assist with:

  • Helping them identify best approaches to engaging with employees on performance and productivity concerns, workplace changes, conduct concerns, and crises management.
  • Management coaching to help them improve leadership skills and methods to handle difficult employees.
  • Guidance to assist them with accurately identifying, managing and referring employees with performance or conduct concerns to our counsellors.
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Retrenchment Counselling

Retrenchment debriefing and counselling

Online chat Counselling

Online chat counselling




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