on site x-rays

We have a highly trained and effective X-ray team ensuring you have minimum down time, saving you money.

Chest X-rays can be used to diagnose the following;

  • TB
  • Asbestos lung disease
  • Silicosis etc.

What to expect when our Mobile X-ray unit visit your site

Our X-ray unit will need a safe space to park as well as a plug for powering the unit.

ID documents of the patients will be required to positively identify the individual.

Females and males will change into a gown. Comfortable clothing is advised.

Mobile chest x-ray machine

x-ray machine

You will be facing the X-ray machine with your chest towards to machine taking the image and asked to hold your breath while the radiographer take the X-ray.

Read more about mobile x-ray screening for TB diagnosis.

For quotes and bookings email info@hspgroup.co.za or call 072 584 7159