Employee Vision screening

Why should vision screening be conducted?

Good vision is necessary for most jobs, it is a key requirement for most employees to have good vision in order to effectively perform their daily tasks.

Drivers and forklift drivers need to undergo vision screening as their vision acuity is of utmost importance in their jobs and is also a requirement for PDP licenses (Public Drivers Permit).

What we offer:

  • Snellen testing (basic test for distant vision only):

This is by means of using a traditional “Snellen eye chart”.
The outcome is a result of distant vision in left, right and both eyes.

  • Advanced vision screening (For PDP driver’s license)

This is by means of progressive testing with advanced, electronic Vision Screeners.

The outcome includes:
Visual acuity (both eyes individually and together),

    • colour blindness,
    • peripheral vision,
    • depth perception and
    • glare recovery.

This testing is trusted by occupational health professionals to evaluate employee visual fitness of all levels of employment.

When should one’s vision be tested?

If your vision acuity is a prerequisite for your job, it is important to undergo a vision screening.

How long does it take?

The process typically takes 15-20 minutes per person.

Vision screening is offered on-site or at any of our referral clinics.

Our Occupational Medical Surveillance Testing and reporting offer a wide variety of both legally mandatory assessments for the entire workforce.

We provide your company with comprehensive feedback, detailed reports, on going assistance, recommendations and follow-up on various levels needed.

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