HSP Group lung test 07-18 dylanNavigating Occupational Health is simplified by a team approach, which quickly changes the experience from a grudge purchase to an annual event; protecting your company and employees from litigation and physical harm.

Added to that, there is the price war pushing for cheaper services, but at the cost of ethics, quality staff and equipment.

Annually organisations lose millions of Rands due to mismanagement of health issues in the workplace. This is a multi-layered problem that, without the right partner, can cripple any organisation.

At the base of the problem is the lack of identification of the potential risks, thereafter, the inability or reluctance to address these risks, and finally the arrival of an unwanted, compensatable event.

HSP Group SA has proactively been assisting organisations manage each layer of their health risk for the past 23 years, successfully reducing the costs of reactive approaches and mismanagement.

With our team of qualified, passionate experts, extremely well equipped referral centres, mobile units and on-site clinics, HSP Group SA offers unique solutions to any company’s Occupational Health and Safety compliance needs. Our staff are qualified to identify possible risks, through the implementation of a health risk assessment, and are knowledgeable in tailor-making solutions addressing these risks.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is our passion, let our team focus on ensuring the health of your workforce while you focus on the health of your business growth.

Our services include:

  • Mining and Occupational Medicals
  • Onsite Primary Health Care Clinics
  • Health risk analysis.
  • Certificates of Fitness
  • Audio, Vision & Lung Screening
  • X-Rays
  • Mobile units (calibrated and updated)
  • SETA Accredited Training
  • Safety Files
  • Travel Health
  • Employee Wellness programmes

Let HSP Group SA improve your legal compliance, keeping your employees fit, and working.

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