It is important to be logical and listen to the right media regarding all that is happening at the moment. If it is not mainstream, i.e. News 24, then please ignore the rubbish people are talking, you will just panic.

You can always check on the truth, for yourself if you go to the CDC. Just google CDC. Covid 19

CDC is the US center for disease control, and they give out all you need to know about how to look after yourself and yourselves.

What I DO want you to know:

This is a very, very infectious disease and spreads, essentially through droplets, which does mean through the air, if someone coughs nearby, so surfaces and hands are the most common carriers. Remember, we touch doors, light switches, etc. and then make food or eat something quickly.

So wash your hands immediately before working with food, and before eating. Rather eat with utensils than with your hands, just as an extra precaution.

Older people are the highest at risk with this disease, as they have found that kids under 18 seem to have the disease but not get very ill, and there have been no deaths in children under 9 year of age, to date. The older you are, the harsher you respond to the virus., and the more severe the illness is. It seems to affect us most from age 50 and up. (age discrimination is a real thing with this one!)

For this reason, self-isolation is a great idea. Don’t go out that much, so it will be easier, but there are times you need to do things. This is when you stand more than a meter from others, and don’t touch your mouth or eyes. Just clean your hands often and go out when you know things will be quieter. So shopping in the morning at 9;30 ish, etc.

Please avoid groups or crowds, this does include church. Maybe ask your pastor to consider Skyping services to the elderly and vulnerable in this time?

Antibiotics seem completely ineffective in this disease process, as it does not cause the secondary infections that flu does, but rather attacks the lungs directly and causes severe lung disease.

Keep healthy and informed.


Managing Director

HSP Group SA