Our on-site primary health care clinics, focus on providing your company with ongoing health care and medical treatment for your employees no matter what industry you are in.

We empower employers by offering medical surveillance, primary health care and wellness services by licensed personnel on your premises.

HSP Group has flexible and cost-effective solutions to employers across the board (large or small) including but not limited to commercial, construction, food and beverage, retail, security, mining or offshore.

This empowers your company to provide good quality care for employees with medical conditions that affect their ability to work, thereby reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Our on-site clinics offer various advantages to employer’s incl. but not limited to:

  • Health risk assessments can be conducted every 2 years based on the company’s environmental survey.
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Medical surveillance based on risk profiles can be done on site within the scope of clinic equipment.
  • Trend analysis based on statistics (monthly report) in the form of a monthly report provided to management.
  • On-site counselling and referral services for abnormal cases to our Occupational health medical practitioner.
  • Assist with primary health care medication, as well as chronic medication provided on-site. We will follow-up on chronic illness’s picked up in the medical examination
  • Lower health care costs by reducing unnecessary emergency care visits, by providing health care to all injuries being reported to the clinic, when on-site.
  • Assist in all LTA & fatality investigations. Assist with the management of disability cases.
  • Wellness promotions can be provided by our marketing department as part of wellness days on-site.

Advantages to employees:

  • On-site medication
  • Monitoring of chronic illnesses
  • Consultations with nurses and doctors on-site obtaining “instant” healthcare services.

Take advantage of our vast experience, passion and careful attention to legal compliance and detail which sets us apart from others.

For quotes contact Sr Petro 076 786 6085 petro@hspgroup.co.za