What your employee does in his private life CAN influence what happens at work!

It is against the law to be high at work. It is illegal to do anything that will threaten the physical wellbeing of an individual or material property. No one should be permitted to do this at work as the potential impact on an employer is devastating.

HSP Group SA will conduct Drug & Alcohol (D&A) screening to be carried out on your site. All we require is you have a robust D&A policy in place. HSP can provide a full chain of custody screening service.

Services on offer:

  1. Help with Policy writing.
  2. On-site Drug & Alcohol Screening by independent specialists.
    1. Scheduled Basis – regular intervals, and programmes.
    2. Random Basis – Usually management knows of testing, but random or all staff are selected for testing.
    3. For cause – when there is a problem on site, testing at our referral centres or we will come on site, if there is a practitioner immediately available on call out.
  3. Help with own staff administering workplace D&A screening.
  4. Training (Both Initial and Refresher).
  5. Provision of the D&A testing kits & equipment.
  6. Back-up for positive results and provision of Laboratory confirmation and assistance with rehab referrals.

Use HSP for on-site Drug Screening.

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