It is important to do the right testing, on the right people, for the right reasons!

Because HSP Group has a long history of working across a full range of industries and business sectors, our Occupational Health professionals are very likely to have previous experience working in your environment and therefore have relevant sector knowledge. HSP Group will be able to advise what is to be required and to explore any particular specific factors or exposures. From a simple discussion HSP Group could swiftly start implementing an appropriate Occupational Medical Surveillance programme on your behalf. HSP Group, in short, will help you with advice on what is required, frequency of Occupational Health Surveillance and how to implement such a screening program.

Occupational Medical Surveillance in Construction

HSP Group SA has a number of Construction company clients Nationwide and throughout GAUTENG and we have a lot of experience in delivering medical surveillance & medical screening that is both flexible and convenient. Naturally all the elements of the health screening are designed to be compliant with OHSA guidelines and the statutory requirements for medical surveillance. For most construction companies, their medical surveillance requirements are very similar and we understand what is required. We have standard Construction Health Surveillance Medicals which we can easily adapt to fit any particular variations and would be happy to discuss how we can match your exact requirements.

SME Manufacturing Medical Surveillance

HSP Group has over 500 SME clients involved with manufacturing in some aspect of their operations that give rise to some type of medical surveillance requirements. Each and every one of those clients has slightly different environments, exposures, processes and requirements. However the main risks that require health screening are often very similar. HSP Group SA has fast experience in offering tailored medical surveillance / screening services that are both flexible and convenient. HSP Group design all the elements of the health screening to be compliant with OHSA guidelines and the regulations for health surveillance.

Sub-contractors on large sites

Medical Surveillance conducted by HSP Group and based on HSP Group Standards are recognised by most large industries and mines and are therefore a money and time saver as employees only need to have one medical examination a year and it covers them for all contracts in that period.

HSP Group’s value added service of gaining acceptance of standards from large corporations in advance sets us apart from our competitors.  However it is not possible to be verified by all companies, for this reason we are happy to contact your customers’ medical centre. By making contact with your customer we will liaise with their medical staff to verify our credentials in order to get our medical examinations accepted by their medical staff.

Contact us for assistance with your Occupational Medical Surveillance Programme 0861 873 477 or email