Occupational medicals are legislated, risk based and of utmost importance for any workforce to ensure that: 

1. Employees can meet the demands of their jobs. 
2. The hazards of the employees job is not affecting them.

 But what about your ageing workforce?

The older an employee gets, the more vulnerable to the physical demands of their job they become. HSP Group takes great pride in taking care of employees ensuring their fitness to perform their duties. 

The aim of the elderly employee medical is to identify health risks and assist employees to monitor their own changing health and will give the employer a better understanding of the current and potential health of the employee. 
The medical examination on elderly patients remain job-risk based, as any other Occupational Medical Examination and includes the normal occupational health screening tests (Physical examination, Hearing test, Vision test and Lung function test) as well as, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Chest X-ray 
  • Blood Glucose 
  • ECG etc.
  • Dr signoff of the medical certificate of fitness

The Occupational Health Medical Practitioner may refer the employee for further investigation, in order to confirm fitness to work.

Our Medical Examinations are carefully designed and approved by our experienced Occupational Health Medical Practitioner. 

For a copy of the medical standard or for more information email us on info@hspgroup.co.za