Emotional harm may manifest itself in various ways.

  1. Employee presents with self-neglect. Lacking capacity of emotionally, physically, and psychologically taking care of themselves.
  2. Sudden poor work performance. Employee will indicate that they are unable to strike a balance between personal life and the work that is expected of them.
  3. Developing of new habits, if not addressed other habits may be addictive.
  4. Seeking sense of belonging with a hope of escaping from the reality to face their life challenges.
  5. Mood swings and behavior change. Employee begins to be manipulative and is always armed with defense mechanisms.

Causes of emotional harm:

  • Emotional Harm may be caused by an undealt incident which either occurred in the past or present that the employee tries to suppress rather than dealing with it.
  • Emotional harm if not addressed may lead to an employee developing low self-esteem thus having pleasure in inflating pain in their bodies. These employees may unaware make the work environment unpleasant to others, as they are not self-cautious.

Employers can promote awareness about the importance of mental health and stress management by means of wellness talks, pamphlets and posters.

If any of your colleagues presents with these symptoms, inform them about the EAP(Employee assistance programmes) services or alternatively refer them to HSP Group for assistance 0861 873 477 or email info@hspgroup.co.za 

Mental health is a serious health concern.

Written by Group Counsellor Violet Ramaphakela